The very normal Stupidity of Humanity

The normal Stupidity of Humanity -
Humanity and Reality are two completely different matters:

Why would a person like me write such texts? Is it the wish to be famous - trying to become rich - being known for all times in history?

Perhaps, this can be a reason. But for truth, we must go back in history:

- Why composed Bach and Mozart the best Music? Because they could.

- Why painted Ruben and van Gogh the best Paintings? Because they could.

- Why wrote Goethe and Dante and Balzac their Literature? Because they could.

- Why did Leonardo and Edison prepare the age of Techniques? Because they could.

- Why wrote Kant and Russell the best useless philosophies? Because they could.

'Best possible Case' World

Living in a world of 'Best possible Case'

99 percent of our world population lives in an intellectual State of "Best possible Case" in all developments of humanity - with regard to our future.

To make you understand what is meant, I start with a Case in Switzerland, a discussion on Swiss TV about international Tax Fraud and the given  problems with Germany and USA.

The round of politicians and experts was absolutely sure that nobody would understand the billion crimes of Swiss banks, Swiss tax authorities, Swiss parliament and government, committed from 1960 until today - with hope to continue until 2060.


Today we are living in a world where anything which should be regarded as future catastrophe, is looked upon as being PEANUTS.

And those peanuts, in some years from now, would be recognized as World-CATASTROPHES by all folks of our Globe with intellect.

Let's go into just some of the problems.


Peanuts today: The most important affair seems to be about the noise of planes staying in Switzerland or in Germany round about the Unique Airport in Zürich. Same goes for noise of planes (and other things) all over the Globe. All this is peanuts, not seen as bad reality today.

Explosions - Implosions

The Terms

An explosion is an uncontrollable extension of anything, for example the atomic reaction in a Bomb in Hiroshima or as better example: our present Capitalism.

An Implosion is the same, but it goes inwards, to say the thing itself is destroyed without greater effects outside this thing. A Civil War is an implosion whereas a world-war is an explosion. Stupidity is an implosion, whereas geniality is an explosion.

This principle can be applied on the whole rotten Situation of today's humanity.

Nobel Prizes for Fools

Nobel Prizing for a chaotic and insane World?
(All illusions about measuring reality)

We should start to think about the real value of the Nobel Prize. Is it as important and heroic as everyone guesses? Let's start an overall view on the history of the Nobel Prize:

The founder of this prize, as everyone knows, heard on the name of "Nobel". This word as used in German language means something like "high-born, stylish, extravagant or expensive". This suits perfectly! And what did Nobel, this "High-born"? He gave the world the first mass destruction in form of Dynamite. This stuff was used and still is used, not only to dig tunnels in beautiful mountains, but also to blow up human bodies in the air. It was done so in two World Wars and still is done by state wars and its reaction, the individual counter-terrorism against these wars.

End of the Game for 7 Billion

How would you call a folks of which not one single person has the slightest idea about their "Condition humaine", about their State of affairs, of the effects of living on a rotten Globe, of World-Finances, of deadly Technology, of the End in Ecology, of any sorts of Philosophy and of any kind of principles - on this Planet EARTH?

Would you call them geniuses, normal people, common folks or just idiots with hollow brains?

Let's tell what the 7 billion don't see:

1. They have not the slightest Idea about "Highest Accounting", even if it would be explained in all bloody details.

World will be 'done' by 2025

The World will be "done" by the year 2025

You are standing in midst of the Brazilian original forest, look up in the sky, out of a green hell, a yellow snake flies into your face, curls her tail quickly around your neck, looks grinning in your face, snaps forward and tears your eyes out and afterwards swallows you and you are dead as dead can be. Okay, I must admit: The Brazilian forest is the whole planet, the green hell is the USA, the snake is the US-capitalism of globalisation, the grinning is not the one of a snake but of George W. Bush, your eyes are the two sides of human ethics, and the dead body at the end is the species Homo sapiens.

Do you really believe, that there is just one politician, CEO, Nobel-price holder or philosopher, able to prevent our world from being "done" as a result of self-destruction? Naivety has its price, too. Just note the following: The World of Homo sapiens will be "done" by the year 2025, it may well be tumbled, will have come to the end with its Latin - and in any respects you could think of. The planet may be "done" for reasons of economics, ecology, resources and energy, due to a break-down of cultural life, or collapse due to all imaginable stupidities in politics. Nothing, absolutely no measures humans could guess, will prevent the final down-fall of humanity. Why? Think of the snake and than have a look at the following arguments:

World Craze - 'Climate Change'

Craze about the expression "Climate Change"

Repeatedly, I tried to explain that the word "Climate Change" is pure idiocy on the side of the Politicians and of Science.

The problem of Climate Change is one of NATURE in thousands if not millions of Years of normal development on our Planet Earth.

The real word for what happens in our Geo-Sphere is:

- We have provoked a CLIMATE COLLAPSE based on an ENERGY LOAD (energetische Aufladung) due to spreading billions of tons of poison into the air with cars, planes, electricity works and industry and all the rest of a "Civilisation" in a State of total CRAZE:

Power x Stupidity = Self-Destruction

Power x Stupidity = USA and Rest of the Globe

The World POPs and VIPs are so dull that they do not even notice that times like 1970 shall never come back. For the reasons to be mentioned, the whole Globe does NOW go down the drain, and no power, no God, no circumstances can save an irrevocable RIDE TO HELL.

And here are the reasons about FORERUNNER USA and the other blind mice and lemmings, running behind:

- USA as forerunner of world destruction have so gigantic DEBTS in nation, 50 States, towns, banks, companies, private and the rest, that USA is bankrupt since a long time and no power on Earth can prevent the finance COLLAPSE of this rotten land. USA is the fine example what shall happen to Japan, Europe, China, India and the rest of folks not only in Finances, but also in the Spiral going down to Hell in matters of Economics, Ecology, Culture of Stupidity and blindness of lemmings to kill each other and not being aware of the facts.

END of Evolution?

Documentary of ARTE TV

ARTE TV sends often Documentaries of ZERO Value. What is the problem? The problem is that documentaries that solely treat "WHAT IS?" Questions only show, what happens in reality, so as a little child would explain why a plane stays in the air.

However, a clever and intelligent documentary should always and solely expose the problem and then discuss WHY something happens and go through the long CHAIN of origins and effects. But this - evidently - is something for Geniuses and there are zero geniuses with FOX TV and ARTE TV and any TV Stations of the whole globe. In Media, there is not one genius to be found.

Now, what did this worthless documentary of ARTE say?

A young scientist showed the development of the situation on Earth of the last 3500 million years and especially the development of bodies of humans in times of the last 20000 years when Homo sapiens appeared. With bones of old skeletons is shown by the ever same stupid scientists, how the bodies became different in the long time of evolution.

Kill a planet with Growth - is Craze


(Taken from: The Legend of a "Dead Body" - World Gazette)

You may have got that the dead body is not a father of family, but our dear planet Earth with all his systems of pragmatism. The Evidence of the death of a planet and of humanity is more than given and proven, in the year 2010, but the crowd of the 99,999 percent does not believe in the facts - since one expert of banking states:

"The Globe is not dead in Finances. We have 1000 possibilities to prevent the complete downfall of capitalism and neoliberalism, although it may be true that each American and European has in average a debt risking soon being uncovered - of one million of Dollars."

Philosophic Reasoning of 2000 years

Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing the Earth
(Extract of Book "PLADESNIEKANT")

One of the topics in my work is the question: What effect do philosophical theories have on our reality - as it is today? We overlook a history of over 2000 years of philosophical thinking since PLATO/SOCRATES over DESCARTES, HUME, KANT, SCHOPENHAUER, NIETZSCHE, HEIDEGGER, SARTRE to SLOTERDJIK and HABERMAS. What do all these philosophers have in common?

They have in common that their apparent interest in the functioning of the World - as a whole - has definitely no priority. Neglected too are reasonable answers to some fundamental questions: How to live in peace, how to understand where we come from, where is the position of our Sun-system in the universe, why we do what we do, how can our species survive, why must everything turn worse and worse towards the end of the history of Homo sapiens? No: these topics were neglected by our philosophers. They mention them solely apart with an easy-going mind. However, what all these philosophers have in common is what I call in my work: "Human species in heaven - and the Earth in the Asshole". This anthropocentric view on humanity will cost the life of billions of people towards the end of our existence, before the bell will ring on 1st day of the year 2100.  In fact, all our little-minded "experts" and "savants" have always put the almighty brains of human beings in the centre of their commentaries and they never really asked for the interest of other animals, the plants, air and water and the living system on Earth as a whole. The real mechanics of survival never were important to these men of genius.

World vanishes South - Intro

'The World vanishes in the South' -  (Part one)

In exclusivity for Worldnews, I translate here in English my last German book "Die Welt verliert sich im Sueden" of about 40 pages, written from December 27, 2009, to January 15, 2010 at Cote d'Azur. There are the following chapters:

Intro / World of Money / World of Women / World of Philosophy / World of Youth / World of Capitalism / World of Journalism / World of High Feelings / World of Logics / The world as it was

Let's publish these 10 Chapters one by one, on the given pages of interest. It represents some sort of "STATE OF WORLD" - at times of the beginning of the 21st Century.

And here we go with the first and longest chapter:

The World vanishes in the South - Intro (Part one)

Camus is losing himself in the south - His Arcadia: Summer, wind, desert, sun, the sea, simple being, the longing, science, society, friendship - and - humans.

Concept of deadly Growth

The concept of 'GROWTH' - left a lost and rotten Planet

Once upon a time, about 2025 years after the death of a Legend nailed to a cross, some famous Talk-master asked at some famous TV station some last philosopher the following question: "Why do you think, our Species is condemned to live today on a rotten and lost Planet - full of pollution and contamination and Mount Everest of debts, when at the same time, money and shares became without any value as it seems?"

The famous and old and last philosopher looked into his world, as if a little child would have kicked him in the ass and started some sermon:

"Well, it's very easy to understand ---- At the End of Humanity, the concept of "Growth" gave this humanity the sheer rest. It could not have been otherwise. It was impossible history would have taken another turn.

Ending in an ORWELL WORLD

Reality is different as most of human beings may think
What is - and what will be (Summary of book "PLADESNIEKANT")

Published under "The Future of our Orwell-World"

Remember my Editors Letter with title "Philosophical reasoning of 2000 years is killing our Earth" - relating to my book "PLADESNIEKANT", regarded as number one for "relevance" of all Letters written by René Delavy?

This small book, not discussed so far by the feuilletons, is in a way my philosophical testament of all the themes published in books or in Editors letters. It summarizes again "What today's reality is - and what it will be in the near future". The human mankind lives in a reality that is not understood in its complexity, because our systems have created a chaos in politics, science, culture, environment and daily thinking. Therefore, worldwide developments can no longer be reasonably interpreted and taken for real by anyone, because all people - the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, are preoccupied surviving in a high-superficial money-world. In fact, we all are passing through our daily boulevardesk life in form of a funny serial of fairy-tales and dreams, taken for real and dictated by superficial thoughts. All this generates a sort of Hollywoodian life where "the real" fictions just the contrary of what we think it is.

God - too big to fail

Well, some folks may ask, where this topic shall end.

It will end when I have written all about what I know of God Almighty.

God and Religion

There is not much to be said under this chapter. Those who believe, there is as God, an Allah, a Buddha or any other virtual or real or superficial or other God, a God of nature, of the universe, of Scientology and other Esoterics, they all have no God - but only Belief and Religion.

Never ever any religion or science-fiction scrap of mind proved the existence of God.

Therefore, the Popes and other terrorists of higher minds pretend by applying during a circus for stupidity to their own victims that God Almighty surely exists. Then they go, these hypocrite murderers in the name of religion and God - and kill innocent women and scientists in fires or under stone rains, put them under towels for "free will" of penis-owners, or eliminate under highest pain all believers in nature, sun, some other universe in atrocious ways, and then pretend, all was done in the name of their personal God, with whom all Popes of all Religions have daily Tea Parties of Palin, because ii needs zero brains, to believe into the impossible and to commit Crimes in THEY name.

Fundamental Dilemmas

Fundamental Dilemmas in present Times and Systems

The Phenomenon about DILEMMAS is complex and of a very important nature:

Whatever a person, a Chief of State, a nation, society, humanity does within a Dilemma, comes either out totally right - or totally wrong. There are no ways out and no light excuses - later on.

And therefore, ignoring reports about Dilemmas may cost the lives of millions if not billions of people. Responsible are those who know and did not publish, be it politicians, newspapers, TV or Radio stations, governments or secret services. And the sentence may be terrible, once the masses get the point - and be sure, within days "The Net" will know, who is responsible.

Writing about Dilemmas is the highest intellectual deed possible: Higher than philosophy, theories in politics, economics and anything else - higher than writing about qualifying or disqualifying famous VIPs in History. The question who becomes or stays U.S. President, if Democrats or Republicans win and which Statesman is chased out of his office and land, is nuisance as compared to Dilemma questions.

Literature Doctrine - Shock and Awe

Naomi Klein - Shock and Awe about a wise "Literature Doctrine"

First of all: The book "Shock doctrine" of Naomi Klein will prove to have been the best book of the 20th Century. Not of 21st Century, where "CHAOS" will be the best. But the stupidity in a murderous capitalism, spread out from USA over the whole globe, the total cynicism of a few crazy VIP with immense power, has never been spelled out better than in her book. It confirms in all respects my oeuvre "Macht x Dummheit = Selbstzerstörung", of which I have translated some passages for Editors Letters like this one.

The oeuvre of Klein is excellent, it is gigantic - and it is shocking. It shows how the U.S. folks take our world for a cash-casino where ALL could win millions, if lucky, and all will lose at the end - and how a nation of about 300 million idiots crept in the assholes of about 10 governments with useless Think-tanks, under Republican or Democratic spell, and wanted to dictate to the whole world a Friedman-Hayek-Popper idiocy in economics, where cash and stock exchange count all - but truth, ethics, nature, humanity and civil rights are regarded as poor and futile junk.

However, even Naomi Klein will have to learn: If Homo non-sapiens goes down the drain, due to shock-capitalism of Bush, pseudo-democracy of Merkel, Abzocker-freedom of Swiss dwarfs, Sozi-shocks of Putin and Hu, Security bubble for the rich VIP in Israel or Neo-stupid democrazy as per Hugo Chavez throughout New South America, is without any importance for the years to come, leading down to a zero-world for 100 percent of humans. But let's start with some minor matters.

Nothing but a silent CRY

World is now destroyed by "Hybrid-Brains"

You are driving your car, on the way to an erotic adventure, your spirits are full with pre-meditation of what's going to happen - and all of a sudden, a child runs before your car. You think of letting the child survive, go on the brakes and stop the car. What happened? Your brain can impossibly have two thoughts at the same time. Not even René Delavy can. It is absolutely impossible to think of love and - simultaneously - the brakes of a car.

This is important to know when following the idea about the "hybrid" brains. About 99,999 percent of world population have a hybrid brain, which means that normal people can think in alternatives, but never in alternatives of thousands of possibilities. I think that Descartes and Blaise Pascal where able to this achievement, and I prove below, that René Delavy belongs also to this category.

What more is: 6 billion people heading forward to 7 billion suffer from the disease of  "Hybrid brain". And this will prove to be deadly; it will cost the existence of the species Homo sapiens. And it does not help if a handful of "Pascal or Descartes" are living, perhaps, in post-modern times, being reasoning in thousands of alternatives when regarding at any topic you may name.

World of Money and Cash

About Money and Cash, I know absolutely ALL.

Not because I have money - this too - but because I have been thinking so long and deep about the nature of money.

Money is business, money is our world, money is character, money is injustice, money is craze and money is Ronald, GW Bush, Greenspan and the JCrooks of Wall Street.

The Experts of Money

The orthodox Lobbies are the experts of money. It is wrong to believe that I hate the Cash figures. The greedy stupids are like my money: I need it, I like it, I hate it and I understand it - and them - the criminals of Finances.

Now, these VIPs of Cash are just the MOTOR of the other religions, what is normal, because the specialized Jews as experts in investment banking were there (article in SPIEGEL) before the Christians, the Moslems, the Buddhists and the Hinduists, they were there even before there was a God and Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve were looking for money on the money tree, God come, or his bad brother, the Devil and shouted: "One day the whole humanity will die and kick the bucket around this money" - and the Devil was right.

World vanishes South - World of Money

World of Money - The World vanishes in the South (Part TWO)

Where shall we begin about the World of Money, considering the most important matter of humanity - is Cash? Money was important in all times in history. Perhaps, long time ago, money was some sort an exchange of goods against goods, or merchandise against services. We do not talk in vain of the "oldest business" on the globe, when mentioning expressions like prostitution, orders to kill, robbery of land, agriculture of drugs and dopes and kidnapping. Mafia has always existed, in all times, just as well as State Crimes.

So, it started well with Humanity - about the theorem "To have" would be more of relevance as the ideal of "To be", some famous philosophers pretended. Those genial or rather murderous theorems would have hit the Earth at latest in the 20th Century, when all sorts of high idealism was shovelled away and replaced by Materialism - and only naked Greed for "ever more and more" remained in the brains of humans since 1960.

Highest human Maxim

Principle of Adaptation - Highest Human Maxim

Intro to the Problem

The whole world, from the start, since Adam and Eve, functioned for Humans on the basis of the

Principle of Adaptation

- Human adapt to the facts, as they have put into the world and don't know any other.

- Now, when these facts lead to a World as a Paradise, we have it - the Paradise.

- If the facts lead to Hell, the Humanity has it now - Our real World as a Hell.

This in fact is the principle of adaptation, of pragmatism, of false ideologies, of philosophies and religions and theories in economics and the way 99,999 percent of humans think, when destructing their own platform of living, the paradise Earth - in fact in a period of 2000 years from the Birth of Jesus down to the year 2000, ending by automatisms the game of destruction of a planet, down to HELL from 2001 to 2099 - for good.

Abstractedness rules the World

Not Concreteness - Abstractedness rules the World

Many people get annoyed when I tell them that 99 percent of world population do not understand the mechanics of the world, because they have no idea of abstractedness. This is also true for very intellectual folks like Habermas, GW Bush, Ronald Reagan, Putin, Obama and most of bankers, CEO and Dynamite Prize Holders.

Let's look into this problem of making distinctions between concreteness and abstractedness:


Obama, GW Bush and Margaret Thatcher and Greenspan and Murdoch and the other wide over 99 percent of folks, pretend all the restricted time of their existence the following:

The planet Earth can be ruled on bases of concrete theories of philosophers and theorists of economics, like Adam Smith, von Hayek, Machiavelli, Kant, Darwin, Einstein, Keynes, Friedman, Popper, Sartre, Krugman, Habermas and some other thousands of "geniuses", recognized as such by ordinary folks and the Dynamite Prize Committee.

Hope - against - Nihilism

'Principle of HOPE' - against - 'Principle of NIHILISM'

There is no doubt in the world: In the opinion of the elites and the masses, the "Principle of Hope" lies Miles above any ideal of Nihilism. Good idea - but it may cost the life of humans and provoke a situation, where we all got blind for danger and a possible End with our Species in times to come.

I agree that no one is willing to understand and accept - and it truly requires some further explanations. Here they are:

Compare the above problem in the light of recognizing Reality, when studying some Spleens in


Did you ever wonder, why worldwide, the message of a sunny day is always meant to bring GOOD Weather, and the announcement of rain is always equal to BAD weather? Well, that's today's commonsense of the finest and - What a joke!

Measuring IQ

All big Errors about measuring Intelligence per IQ

I have recently loaded down a listing called "The List of the most successful IQ in History". There we all can learn a lot about intelligence and measuring it. But believe me, dear Readers, the scientists in intelligence have not many valid ideas about intelligence and even less about an acceptable Intelligence Quotient - or tout court "IQ".

Look at this remarkable piece of consciousness and recognition:

A.  Listing of most intelligent heads of History

According to this "Recognizing the best in IQ" we find for best reasons as first: Goethe IQ 183, second Leibniz 178, third 173 Grotius and Wolsey, forth Blaise Pascal and Sarpi with 168. With IQ 164 about ten persons like Newton, Laplace and Voltaire. Come some other 10 with 159 being: Galileo Galilei, da Vinci, Mirabeau, Humboldt, Campanella. And already it goes down the drain, many times for no reasons at all, with the real geniuses like: Descartes, Kant, Milton, Michelangelo, Bacon, Madame de Stael, Kepler, Spinoza etc. 150 to 154 IQ.

And not so high geniuses is one who predicted today's downfall in ecology: Jean-Jacques Rousseau 126 and a real highly gifted person: Franklin 126. And they are comparable to following persons! Napoleon 122 (just as Dschingis Khan and Mao), Washington 118 and a lot of generals and other admirals being mentioned as being near to "genius" level. The truth: Rousseau should be 200 and Napoleon and the other war-gurgles below 75. - Worse: They forgot Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and some other poor minds with IQ below 50.

And have a look in the Listing of the most brilliant heads still alive today or recently gone:

Journalism and Intellect

Intellectual Value of U.S. Journalism

DER TOD IST EIN MEISTER AUS DEUTSCHLAND. Well, this was once upon a time in the past. Since 1960, Death was rather a Master coming out of United States. And Stupidity and Finance Crash as well. But check it out - read the News, get informed, be intelligent - be an intellectual.

Let's be honest: None of the famous Newspapers and TV-Stations in whole USA did ever guess anything about the coming Finance Crash. Look into my literature: I predicted it in all details already 1995. But let's write about the real pearls of media beginning of 21st Century.

Can there be something wrong with the brains of U.S. Editors? Hmmmm - all is wrong. They know nothing when trying to reflect true reality about happenings on the Globe, except some techniques about creeping in any You-know-what - just when right-wing and pragmatic enough.

Let's be short, hard and just. Let's explain all the qualities of Worldwide Press and Media:

They had some heroes around the Watergate-Bluff - and it WAS a bluff: First of all "Deep Throat" should have got Pulitzer, not his two servants. Second of all, it was not so important whether Nixon had to jump into the water. What came later in the Oval Office was much worse, from Presidency to Presidency. World-record in Stupidity was GW Bush, but he may be exceeded by later faces who prepare the next downfall. And third: What is so famous about U.S. Press? They never got what happened in Politics, Economics and Culture in true time. To be blind, influenced, Stock Exchange friendly, growth-sick, planet-destructing, greedy and powerful when living and publishing in a downwards falling hegemony? What a bore, these Posts all are, my God.

'ORAKEL 2009 TO 2025'

In the year 1975, I started to write the Booklet "ORAKEL 1995" that was issued about 1981 to very great number to Newspapers, VIP, politicians and persons I considered to be important. There were no reactions, except a few nasty responses, saying that this fantasy-product was completely nuts (you can find it under

Today, most of the predictions became true: We are standing at the edge of a World-Economy CRASH. Even the lowest minded idiot can see that we have a thing wrongly named "Climate-Change", we can see that the Boulevardisation of media has become true, Education only be serving nowadays, not for philosophy, but to become bright bankers at all the Wall Streets in the world, becoming CEO to spread GROWTH and GREED all over the planet, until it is cracking NOW.

In political matters, the famous Ronald Reagan II that I predicted in "ORAKEL 1995", has seen light in the person of GW Bush, the dullness of U.S. Americans to be hated by all other folks in all other nations, has become reality, the energy stuffs and raw materials have become priceless, water and air more and more undrinkable and unbreathable.

In MILITARY matters we still can kill each other any day. And in Religion, the FANATICISM became true as predicted: Where there is no more any hope, even Ratzinger can play GOD in Rome himself with Bollywood shows, eclipsing any reasonable brain.

But now, I have to extend my ORAKEL and spread it, no longer by post, but by the internet, all over our planet. Here it is:

ORAKEL 2009 TO 2025


As predicted in ORAKEL 1995, finally the World Finance System did not crash in 1995 (or 2099), it started to crash in the year 2007. And now it goes on like this:

First some Banks in all Countries in all nations start to crack and need help from governments and their FED and other NAZI-Banks. The number will increase and by the end, the funds given by the nations will lead to national bankruptcy - or, alternatively, inflation will kill all efforts.

END of Capitalism

End of Capitalism - Smoke in the Brains of World's VIP

IT HAPPENS - NOW! --- gently, imperceptibly, slowly and not remarked by 99 percent of folks on this globe, in little UPS and great DOWNS in economics, but exactly along the lines predicted in "Orakel 2099".

Some VIP with smoke in brains still held up the contrary of the real situation, in economy, ecology, politics and culture, but any person with a little of commonsense can NOW understand, WHY all this is becoming reality - worldwide:

Again here must be taken as source a (rather poor) translation out of my book "CHAOS" written 1999 to 2001 (story out of 2nd Chapter: "Das Rauchen der Koepfe am Ende des Neo-Liberalismus"), a book having always been judged, when translated in English, to be of highest intellect when in fact my books were much more precise and accurate. And just note: Not one single Feuilletonist has discussed so far my oeuvre - and "CHAOS" alone, is made out of 100 Texts of the following quality, unnoticed by a dull economic world, although these texts have been written and presented about the year 1997 ("Orakel 2099" already in 1975!).

Big surprise at the beginning of the year 2001: The stock exchange tumble in the bottomless, the Indexes of New Market, the titles for fantasies on NEW TECHNOLOGY, lose more in value as ever in shareholder-values have been destroyed in history of all existing stocks exchanges.

Whole Manager-Etages, whole staffs, plus all the workers of factories, not only in Detroit and soon in China, are sent by incapable CEO and Board of Directors into unemployment, where the Abzock-Scratch can recover to find new deed for heroes in the forthcoming years.  Then Boards of Directors, responsible for junk politics of companies, retreat in corpore, leaving behind dead bodies of investments, after having abzocked like hell and during years all the bonus and salaries, stolen from normal personnel, today called "human resources", more accurate would be "cattle" by now.

Megalomania + false Codes of CEO and Analysts

Specialized troops of brainless "consultants" are sent into the desert and can count on charges against the results of their destructive consulting work and far too high bills in millions of Dollars or Euros, after having brought thousands of Managements into the MEGALOMANIA of insanity. Other idiots, not yet uncovered, give nice interviews with press and TV and blow themselves up, when they just were lucky enough, not having been caught by their own dullness. And all, all of them are in agreement with a collective self-insanity in neo-liberalism, based on a situation "where nobody could see what will come, why and how "IT" could happen…" - My God, the high heroes of today are the criminal losers of tomorrow.

Democracy = Dictatorship of dull Majorities

What is so great about the idea of "democracy", an ideal coming out of Old Greece?

The whole world is of the opinion: "Install demo-crazy in any nation of the world and all will be free, full of social liberty and human rights - all will be fine." - Nothing will be fine when the average of folks decide on the future of a lost human mankind or deciding egoistically on welfare of some privileged single Nations - to the disadvantage of other persons of States.

Democratic principles have decided for Hitler, Mussolini, Milosevic, Pinochet, Thatcher, Reagan, GW Bush and Obama. They have even decided for Putin and Stalin and Mao and Cesar and Napoleon and any regime of power, acting against the interests of those voting majorities - by the end.

A dictatorship of any monster was always based on the goodwill of majority of folks, except for a very little number of revolts coming from generals are simple officers or men with richness who simply purchased the folks - but approved afterwards by folks. No monster can survive without stupid individuals on their side. Mao was made by stupidly crying idiots just as all other mediocre brains in history.

Revolution for "Freedom, equality and "Brother-hood" in 1789 has brought freedom for brothers and Popes - and oppression for women, taken either for mothers or else prostitutes, not fit to govern any land or company for almost 200 years - until the man with name Thatcher came---

Not the FORM of governments is decisive

I wrote before in "All Sorts of Governments" in 2006: Whatever government you have, the main question of importance is the following:

Human Rights - Error and Lies

Errors and Lies about scandalous Human-rights in Geneva

In Geneva these days, all Nations try to lie to the public - USA, Israel, Iran, all blocs of all continents.

It seems that we, ordinary folks, have to deal with little children - and not adult congress members with higher intelligence. In fact, these stars know nothing of nothing and tell stories all the time. All they do is to use up our tax money in 5-stars hotels in expensive Geneva.

Therefore, let's see how the Philosophy of FOX- and ARTE-TV was brought these days into their public, about interpretations of U.S. Human-Rights:

1.  They pretend that Europe and USA have excellent Human Rights and Democracies. Great! Can this wrong view be FACT? There was not one word during those DOCS about Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, all dictatorships the USA have assisted in killing and torture since 1960. Remember Guantanamo today and all lies of U.S. government about Al-Qaeda. The Crooks were in the West not in the East: Torture by GW Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, in the name of U.S. congress and folks, in New Europe, Egypt, wars and torture in Iraq and Afghanistan. And not one word in Geneva about the tremendous crimes during WW II by EUROPEANS, not only Germans, but all parties - and after WW II not interested in human rights, if their own interest areas were concerned - never.

2. CHINA is put forward with all power, not only on ARTE TV, because of arrest and death penalty for hundreds of opponents to the regime and because of TIBET too. Truth: China is a bad scholar boy of USA, but they are 1000 times less criminal than Japan used to be with millions of killed people and their atrocious human experiments. And today we have crimes in economy and military by Obama's America and their good friends in Israel as well. No excuse for China but when considering same schemes in figures, times, depth of crimes, about 70 percent of Nations could be called criminal in Human rights and false theories about just democracy.

Government Styles in Growth Misery

Fairy-tale about all sorts of Governments
(The Art of Democracies, Dictatorships, Monarchies and other Papacies)

Once upon a time I wrote in a book called "Thoughts in Torino" the following maxim: "It is not important if a country is governed by a dictatorship, by a pope, by monarchy or by democracy. The only important matter is whether the wisest humans or people of the country are in power of that state."

For the first time in history of mankind, a poor Negro in the Congo can grasp a text better than the wisest guy at Harvard University in Hegemony-Country or the ETH in Downtown Swizz. (Remember: A "Black" has never been black and a female has never been politically correct. This is important to know if you want to understand the following fairy-tale of an insane brain…)

Now, let's start the funny story on the real state of affairs on Earth, let's face the realities in this world - according to this wise saying: "Democracies are nothing else but Dictatorships of dull majorities and monarchies are nothing else but fairy-tales of infallible Popes of any happiness noticed each new day in this infallible Popper-Friedman-World.

A.  Dictatorships

The question might well be if Putanio is the wisest… sorry, I was a little bit out of time… I meant "Stalin" - he is the guy, definitely. He molested not only Chechnya's folks. He went far beyond that, since he killed by mass deportation nearly half of his own population. The rest was put in jail and then transported in cattle-wagons in direction of a northern Sicily for hard work. Some millions had to go away before their time has come...  Putanio tried to copy some decenniums later… but read on down below, under "Democracy".

World vanishes South - World of Women

World of Women - The World vanishes in the South (Part THREE)

After the World of Money (Part two), we want change the subject to much more delightful matters: Women. They are valuable and they are entitled to get their own chapter. And there is some effort required to describe a being that is not much interested in abstract facts. Therefore, the topic about females must be handled with highest consideration, prudence and care.

They are not responsible to be feminine, and not for being taken for dull by the whole Macho-world, in Christianity, in Islam, in atheism - and in all philosophies, most women never were really interested in.

I discovered the world of the Two Sexes very early in times. As a child on the land, more precise being a child taken as a thing (Verdingkind), I discovered one day, how a man made love to a women, on the ground in a forest. I tried some sort of what I noticed to do as well, as youth, but the doing with the peasant's young daughter was discovered and heavily reprimanded: "Such a beastliness is not normal and not at all allowed - don't ever do it again---"

It took a long time before I realized that this "beastliness" was the most normal and important activity of humans. Sex - so much was clear, was the game of highest interest in all brains of two genders.

So I was bound to know very early in life: There are two sexes, they match and go well together. I was perhaps 12 years old when a guy of high school explained to us boys what has to be done to let children come down on Earth. I remember well my scepticism and a silent horror what bodies would be good for, too.

The first experience in real reciprocal sex always seems to be the most important moment in time and you never forget your first girl - and she always shall know, who the first male was, early in her Life.